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SubjectRe: Reg the next LTS kernel (6.1?)
On Sat, Dec 17, 2022 at 07:14:14PM +0530, Kaiwan N Billimoria wrote:
> :-) Got it.
> Taking your point into account, I'll rephrase: as the _convention_ is
> to mark the last release in the year as LTS, is there any visibility
> on when, or if, it comes about?

What Greg tried to explain to you is that the convention is to pick a
sufficiently well tested kernel to make sure its maintenance will not
become a huge burden, and that it cannot be a single-person effort,
testers are needed during that period. As such companies and/or users
engaging in investing some resources for testing are extremely
important and if some have a good reason to prefer investing that time
on a different kernel, their choice will count more than just a kind
request on the mailing list. Now you know how to make your voice count
if you want/need 6.1 to become LTS.


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