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Subject[PATCH v2 00/24] Remove COMMAND_LINE_SIZE from uapi
This all came up in the context of increasing COMMAND_LINE_SIZE in the
RISC-V port. In theory that's a UABI break, as COMMAND_LINE_SIZE is the
maximum length of /proc/cmdline and userspace could staticly rely on
that to be correct.

Usually I wouldn't mess around with changing this sort of thing, but
PowerPC increased it with a5980d064fe2 ("powerpc: Bump COMMAND_LINE_SIZE
to 2048"). There are also a handful of examples of COMMAND_LINE_SIZE
increasing, but they're from before the UAPI split so I'm not quite sure
what that means: e5a6a1c90948 ("powerpc: derive COMMAND_LINE_SIZE from
asm-generic"), 684d2fd48e71 ("[S390] kernel: Append scpdata to kernel
boot command line"), 22242681cff5 ("MIPS: Extend COMMAND_LINE_SIZE"),
and 2b74b85693c7 ("sh: Derive COMMAND_LINE_SIZE from

It seems to me like COMMAND_LINE_SIZE really just shouldn't have been
part of the uapi to begin with, and userspace should be able to handle
/proc/cmdline of whatever length it turns out to be. I don't see any
references to COMMAND_LINE_SIZE anywhere but Linux via a quick Google
search, but that's not really enough to consider it unused on my end.

The feedback on the v1 seemed to indicate that COMMAND_LINE_SIZE really
shouldn't be part of uapi, so this now touches all the ports. I've
tried to split this all out and leave it bisectable, but I haven't
tested it all that aggressively.

Changes since v1 <>:
* Touches every arch.

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