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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/7] riscv: dts: bouffalolab: add the bl808 SoC base device tree
On Sun, Nov 20, 2022 at 07:58:56PM +0800, Icenowy Zheng wrote:
> 在 2022-11-20星期日的 11:02 +0000,Conor Dooley写道:
> > On Sun, Nov 20, 2022 at 04:21:12PM +0800, Jisheng Zhang wrote:
> > > Add a baisc dtsi for the bouffalolab bl808 SoC.

> > > +               plic: interrupt-controller@e0000000 {
> > > +                       compatible = "thead,c900-plic";
> >
> > Hmm, this one fails validation too. Likely you need to add a
> > "bouffalolab,plic" to the plic dt-binding or otherwise modify the
> > binding such that thead,c900-plic on it's own is permitted. CC Samuel
> > on
> > that patch please in case he has an opinion on it.
> Personally I prefer a single c900-plic in compatible, because the PLIC
> doesn't look so configurable in C906/C910 (the interrupt source number
> is really adjustable, but it's already in the riscv,ndev property).

Right, if all implementations are going to be identical (modulo the
riscv,ndev) allowing thead,c900-plic in isolation makes sense to me.
I had a bit of a check in the history & it looks like there was no
explanation given for why the D1 needed a specific compatible (although
there's no harm in having one in case something comes up in the future
that'd require special handling for a given implementation).

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