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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] fsnotify: fix softlockups iterating over d_subdirs
> Well I feel stupid. The reason behind this seems to be... that
> d_find_any_alias() returns a reference to the dentry, and I promptly
> leaked that. I'll have it fixed in v3 which I'm going through testing
> now.

I reckon if you ran the LTP fsnotify tests you would have seen this
warning a lot more instead of just one random pseudo filesystem
that some process is probably setting a watch on...

You should run the existing LTP test to check for regressions.
The fanotify/inotify test cases in LTP are easy to run, for example:
run make in testcases/kernel/syscalls/fanotify and execute individual
./fanotify* executable.

If you point me to a branch, I can run the tests until you get
your LTP setup ready.


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