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SubjectRe: [for-next PATCH v5 00/11] RDMA/rxe: Add RDMA FLUSH operation
On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 01:53:26PM +0800, Li Zhijian wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Firstly i want to say thank you to all you guys, especially Bob, who in the
> past 1+ month, gave me a lots of idea and inspiration.
> With the your help, some changes are make in 5th version, such as:
> - new names and new patch split schemem, suggested by Bob
> - bugfix: set is_pmem true only if the whole MR is pmem. it's possible the
> one MR container both PMEM and DRAM.
> - introduce feth structure, instead of u32
> - new bugfix to rxe_lookup_mw() and lookup_mr(), see (RDMA/rxe: make sure requested access is a subset of {mr,mw}->access),
> with this fix, we remove check_placement_type(), lookup_mr() has done the such check.
> - Enable QP attr flushable
> These change logs also appear in the patch it belongs to.
> These patches are going to implement a *NEW* RDMA opcode "RDMA FLUSH".
> In IB SPEC 1.5[1], 2 new opcodes, ATOMIC WRITE and RDMA FLUSH were
> added in the MEMORY PLACEMENT EXTENSIONS section.

This doesn't apply anymore, I did try to fix it, but it ended up not
compiling, so it is better if you handle it and repost.


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