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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 stable-4.19 0/3] page_alloc: consider highatomic reserve in watermark fast backports to 4.19
On Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 03:35:26AM -0700, wangyong wrote:
> Here are the corresponding backports to 4.19.
> And fix classzone_idx context differences causing patch merge conflicts.
> Original commit IDS:
> 3334a45 mm/page_alloc: use ac->high_zoneidx for classzone_idx
> f27ce0e page_alloc: consider highatomic reserve in watermark fast
> 9282012 page_alloc: fix invalid watermark check on a negative value
> Changes from v1:
> - Add commit information of the original patches.

None of these have your signed-off-by on them showing that the backport
came from you and that you are responsible for them.

So even if we did think they were valid to backport, I can't take them
as-is :(


greg k-h

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