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SubjectRe: [PING PATCH v7] kallsyms: new /proc/kallmodsyms with builtin modules
On Thu, Dec 16, 2021 at 08:19:12PM +0000, Nick Alcock wrote:
> /proc/kallsyms is very useful for tracers and other tools that need to
> map kernel symbols to addresses.
> It would be useful

It took me digging on archives to see to *who* this is useful to.
The short answer seeme to be dtrace. Can you work on getting use
of this for something (I don't know, maybe kernelshark?) that does
not taint the kernel? Last I checked using dtrace on linux taints the

Without valid upstream users I see no need to add more complexity to the
kernel. And complexity added by tainting modules or not upstream modules
just implies maintaining something for someone who is not working
upstream. I don't want to add more code or "features" to create a
maintenance burden for code not upstream or code that taints the kernel.
module.c is already the second largest file on the kernel/ directory and
I want to ensure we keep it clean, not add fluff for speculated features
which no proper non-taining Linux tool is using.

Without a valid non-taining user being made very clear with a value-add,
I will have to ignore this.


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