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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [v14] wireless: Initial driver submission for pureLiFi STA devices

> From: Srinivasan Raju <>
> Sent: 26 February 2021 13:09
> This introduces the pureLiFi LiFi driver for LiFi-X, LiFi-XC
> and LiFi-XL USB devices.
> This driver implementation has been based on the zd1211rw driver.
> Driver is based on 802.11 softMAC Architecture and uses
> native 802.11 for configuration and management.
> The driver is compiled and tested in ARM, x86 architectures and
> compiled in powerpc architecture.
> Signed-off-by: Srinivasan Raju <>
> ---
> v14:
 > - Endianess comments addressed
 > - Sparse checked and fixed warnings
 > - Firmware files renamed to lowercase
 > - All other review comments in v13 addressed

Could you please review this patch and let us know if there are any comments.
And please let us know if any changes has to be made to the driver for getting into wireless-next.
We have already submitted the firmware for review as well. The patch is in "Awaiting Upstream" state for a long time.
Please let us know.

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