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SubjectRe: [PATCH 13/17] docs: add Rust documentation
On Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 1:29 PM <> wrote:
> From: Miguel Ojeda <>
> Most of the documentation for Rust is written within the source code
> itself, as it is idiomatic for Rust projects. This applies to both
> the shared infrastructure at `rust/` as well as any other Rust module
> (e.g. drivers) written across the kernel.
> These documents contain general information that does not fit
> particularly well in the source code, like the Quick Start guide.
... snip ...
> +rust-analyzer
> +*************
> +
> +The `rust-analyzer <>`_ language server can
> +be used with many editors to enable syntax highlighting, completion, go to
> +definition, and other features.
> +
> +``rust-analyzer`` will need to be
> +`configured <>`_
> +to work with the kernel by adding a ``rust-project.json`` file in the root folder.
> +A ``rust-project.json`` can be generated by building the Make target ``rust-analyzer``,
> +which will create a ``rust-project.json`` in the root of the output directory.

Is rust-analyzer necessary to talk about? I think most kernel
developers aren't using LSP clients, so it doesn't seem necessary to
talk about for kernel development IMO. If a developer would like to
use an LSP client, they should refer to the documentation of their LSP

Should Documentation/process/changes.rst be updated to note which
versions of all of these tools are currently supported?

> + - ``armv6`` and compatible only, ``RUST_OPT_LEVEL >= 2``

For the compat table, for 32b ARM, why is v6 supported but not v7? Why
only when optimizations are enabled?

> +Currently, the Rust compiler (``rustc``) uses LLVM for code generation,
> +which limits the supported architectures we can target. In addition, support
> +for building the kernel with LLVM/Clang varies (see :ref:`kbuild_llvm`),
> +which ``bindgen`` relies on through ``libclang``.

Doesn't this also depend on rustc having support for a given target
triple? Just because LLVM has a backend for a given architecture
doesn't mean rustc can target it, right?
~Nick Desaulniers

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