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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/15] Add futex2 syscalls
On 6/3/21 2:59 PM, André Almeida wrote:
> ** The wait on multiple problem
> The use case lies in the Wine implementation of the Windows NT interface
> WaitMultipleObjects. This Windows API function allows a thread to sleep
> waiting on the first of a set of event sources (mutexes, timers, signal,
> console input, etc) to signal. Considering this is a primitive
> synchronization operation for Windows applications, being able to quickly
> signal events on the producer side, and quickly go to sleep on the
> consumer side is essential for good performance of those running over Wine.

I know this is part of the cover letter, but I really do want to clarify
that this isn't really accurate. The use case that this is referring to
is not "the Wine implementation of WaitForMultipleObjects", it is an
out-of-tree implementation of WaitForMultipleObjects that provides
improved performance compared to the in-tree implementation.

This is especially salient because:

(1) this out-of-tree implementation is only in a small handful of cases
any more performant than a different out-of-tree implementation which
uses eventfd and poll() instead;

(2) these implementations will remain out-of-tree due to compatibility
and robustness problems;

(3) I believe there is potential for an upstreamable implementation
which does not rely on futex or futex2.

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