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Subject[CFP LPC 2021] Confidential Computing Microconference

I am pleased to announce that the

Confidential Computing Microconference[1]

has been accepted at this years Linux Plumbers Conference.

In this microconference we will discuss how Linux can support encryption
technologies which protect data during processing on the CPU. Examples
are AMD SEV, Intel TDX, IBM Secure Execution for s390x and ARM Secure

Suggested Topics are:

- Live Migration of Confidential VMs
- Lazy Memory Validation
- APIC emulation/interrupt management
- Debug Support for Confidential VMs
- Required Memory Management changes for memory validation
- Safe Kernel entry for TDX and SEV exceptions
- Requirements for Confidential Containers
- Trusted Device Drivers Framework and driver fuzzing
- Remote Attestation

Please submit your proposals on the LPC website at:

Make sure to select "Confidential Computing MC" in the Track pulldown

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :)


Joerg Roedel


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