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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/1] Drivers: hv: Move Hyper-V extended capability check to arch neutral code
> The extended capability query code is currently under arch/x86, but it
> is architecture neutral, and is used by arch neutral code in the Hyper-V
> balloon driver. Hence the balloon driver fails to build on other
> architectures.
> Fix by moving the ext cap code out from arch/x86. Because it is also
> called from built-in architecture specific code, it can't be in a module,
> so the Makefile treats as built-in even when CONFIG_HYPERV is "m". Also
> drivers/Makefile is tweaked because this is the first occurrence of a
> Hyper-V file that is built-in even when CONFIG_HYPERV is "m".
> While here, update the hypercall status check to use the new helper
> function instead of open coding. No functional change.

Thanks for taking care of this, Michael.

Reviewed-by: Sunil Muthuswamy <>

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