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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] x86/mce: Provide sysfs interface to show CMCI storm state
There are corner cases where the CE count is 0 when a storm occurs.  EDAC completely missed logging CEs.

On 6/1/21, 1:41 PM, "Luck, Tony" <> wrote:

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> But I'm unclear as to what this whole use case is. The very first
> "Scripts that process error logs" already sounds like a bad idea - I'd
> expect userspace consumers to open the trace_mce_record() and get the
> MCE records from there. And in that case CMCI storm shouldn't matter...

I think the problem is knowing that many errors are being missed because
of the switch to poll mode. All methods to track errors, including the trace_mce_record()
technique are equally affected by missed errors.

But maybe Chris can better describe what the problem is ...


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