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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Apple M1 clock gate driver
* Sven Peter <> [210530 11:11]:
> The problem with that approach is that to enable e.g. UART_0 we actually need
> to enable its parents as well, e.g. the Apple Device Tree for the M1 has the
> following clock topology:
> UART0 (0x23b700270), parent: UART_P
> UART_P (0x23b700220), parent: SIO
> SIO (0x23b7001c0), parent: n/a
> The offsets and the parent/child relationship for all of these three clocks
> change between SoCs. If I now use the offset as the clock id I still need
> to specify that if e.g. UART uses <&clk_controller 0x270> I first need
> to enable 0x1c0 and then 0x220 and only then 0x270.

Maybe take a look what I suggested on using assigned-clocks and related
properties in the clock controller node. That might solve the issue in
a generic way for other SoCs too.



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