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SubjectRe: [RFC v2-fix-v2 1/1] x86: Introduce generic protected guest abstraction

On 6/2/21 11:15 AM, Tom Lendacky wrote:
> The original suggestion from Boris, IIRC, was for protected_guest_has()
> function (below) to be:
> if (intel)
> return intel_protected_guest_has();

Yes. But for Intel, I think currently we can only check for is_tdx_guest() here.

if (is_tdx_guest())
return intel_protected_guest_has();

So if we use is_tdx_guest(), it is better to call tdx_protected_guest_has() here.

Once we start using protected_guest_has for other Intel technologies, may be
we can generalize it. Let me know your comments.

> else if (amd)
> return amd_protected_guest_has();
> else
> return false;
> And then you could check for TDX or SME/SEV in the respective functions.

Sathyanarayanan Kuppuswamy
Linux Kernel Developer

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