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SubjectRe: [syzbot] KASAN: use-after-free Read in check_all_holdout_tasks_trace
syzbot has bisected this issue to:

commit f9006acc8dfe59e25aa75729728ac57a8d84fc32
Author: Florian Westphal <>
Date: Wed Apr 21 07:51:08 2021 +0000

netfilter: arp_tables: pass table pointer via nf_hook_ops

bisection log:
start commit: 0c38740c selftests/bpf: Fix ringbuf test fetching map FD
git tree: bpf-next
final oops:
console output:
kernel config:
dashboard link:
syz repro:

Fixes: f9006acc8dfe ("netfilter: arp_tables: pass table pointer via nf_hook_ops")

For information about bisection process see:

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