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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] ASoC: sunxi: Add Allwinner H6 Digital MIC driver
On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 07:50:42PM +0800, 班涛 wrote:
> Mark Brown <> 于2021年6月17日周四 下午6:48写道:
> > On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 03:42:43PM +0800, 班涛 wrote:
> > > Mark Brown <> 于2021年6月15日周二 下午9:22写道:

> > No, that's what you have already make the entire thing a C++ comment
> > with //s.

> I don’t understand. For example, sun4i-codec.c sun4i-i2s.c
> sun8i-codec.c and sun4i-spdif.c files are the same as mine.

Other people doing a bad job is no excuse for doing a bad job yourself.

> Which file can I refer to? what should I do......

Make every line of the comment start with //. See soc-core.c
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