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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH v3 11/11] clk: stm32mp1: new compatible for secure RCC support
On 6/17/21 7:18 AM, wrote:
> From: Gabriel Fernandez <>
> Platform STM32MP1 can be used in configuration where some clock
> resources cannot be accessed by Linux kernel when executing in non-secure
> state of the CPU(s).
> In such configuration, the RCC clock driver must not register clocks
> it cannot access.
> They are expected to be registered from another clock driver such
> as the SCMI clock driver.
> This change uses specific compatible string "st,stm32mp1-rcc-secure"
> to specify RCC clock driver configuration where RCC is secure.

Should this really be a new compatible string or rather a DT property ?
I think the later, since this is the same clock IP, only operating in
different "mode" , no ?

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