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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 4/7] thermal/drivers/tegra: Add driver for Tegra30 thermal sensor

[Cc Viresh]

On 29/05/2021 19:09, Dmitry Osipenko wrote:
> All NVIDIA Tegra30 SoCs have a two-channel on-chip sensor unit which
> monitors temperature and voltage of the SoC. Sensors control CPU frequency
> throttling, which is activated by hardware once preprogrammed temperature
> level is breached, they also send signal to Power Management controller to
> perform emergency shutdown on a critical overheat of the SoC die. Add
> driver for the Tegra30 TSENSOR module, exposing it as a thermal sensor
> and a cooling device.

IMO it does not make sense to expose the hardware throttling mechanism
as a cooling device because it is not usable anywhere from the thermal

Moreover, that will collide with the thermal / cpufreq framework
mitigation (hardware sets the frequency but the software thinks the freq
is different), right ?

The hardware limiter should let know the cpufreq framework about the
frequency change.

May be post the sensor without the hw limiter for now and address that
in a separate series ?

-- Daniel

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