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SubjectRE: [PATCH v3 0/3] mm,hwpoison: fix sending SIGBUS for Action Required MCE
> Sorry, I am not sure if the stress test in my server is same with yours.

It's better if you test different things ... that's how we get better coverage.

> Usually, I will do one RAS stress test from mce-test/cases/stress before post something.
> Maybe this test is not general useful or you have tested it and passed or you may think
> the test is not proper though or you tested and you don't think it's one real issue,
> then just ignore it please.

I haven't re-run the mce-test cases for a while. The test that was run on these patches
involves a multi-threaded application running on all logical CPUs. When poison is injected
many of the CPUs can hit the poison close together. So it's a good stress test for the new


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