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SubjectRe: broonie-sound/for-next bisection: baseline.bootrr.asoc-simple-card-probed on kontron-sl28-var3-ads2


I'm sorry for my late response. Japan was holiday

> _But_ later
> asoc_simple_canonicalize_cpu() will reset the dai_name pointer to
> NULL in simple_parse_node() if "single" is 1 and then we end up
> having two links with the same name.

Ahh, OK thanks.
I think understand that why my posted patch
(= 59c35c44a9cf89a83a9 "ASoC: simple-card: add simple_parse_node()")
breaks your board.

I will try to fixup the issue.

Thank you for your help !!

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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