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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 2/2] leds: trigger: implement block trigger
On 05/03, Pavel Machek wrote:
>> As already commented on, this for_each_blk() construct is not a good idea.
>> Infact, I guess it would be better if you could invert the logic:
>> Not having the block trigger enumerating all devices, but rather let the
>> devices register with the block trigger.
>> That would have the benefit that one could choose which block device should
>> be handled by the LED trigger subsystem, _and_ you would avoid the need for
>> a for_each_blk() construct.
>> Thing is, I don't think that all block devices should be handled by the LED
>> trigger; eg for things like 'loop' or 'ramdisk' it is very
>> >questionable.
>> Downside is that you would need to modify the drivers, but realistically
>> there are only very few drivers which should be modified; I would go for
>> nvme-pci and the sd driver for starters. Maybe floppy, but arguably that can
>> omitted as one has a very good audio indicator for floppy accesses
>> :-)
>And we already have disk activity trigger. Maybe NVMe and SD needs to
>be modified to use it?
>Best regards,
> Pavel

TBH I haven't thought of that. My initial idea was to actually offer
maximum flexibility to the user, so exposing all block devices on the
system [*], being able to set any LED available as an indicator for each
of those.

But, indeed, just using ledtrig-disk in NVMe and SD might just be

[*] - again, I see now this was a bad idea and will be changed in a
possible next version

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