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SubjectRe: BPF: failed module verification on linux-next
On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 10:31:18PM -0700, Andrii Nakryiko wrote:
> It took me a while to reliably bisect this, but it clearly points to
> this commit:
> e481fac7d80b ("mm/page_alloc: convert per-cpu list protection to local_lock")
I tried compiling 5.13.0-rc1-next-20210514 and observed the same error.
5.13.0-rc1-next-20210513 boots fine for me though.
Could there be that there's something more to this ?
I could try to recompile 5.13.0-rc1-next-20210514 but I'm pretty sure
that it didn't boot.


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