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SubjectRE: [syzbot] WARNING in rtl8152_probe
Alan Stern <>
> Sent: Friday, May 14, 2021 11:33 PM
> The real motivation here, which nobody has mentioned explicitly yet, is
> that the driver needs to be careful enough that it won't crash no matter
> what bizarre, malfunctioning, or malicious device is attached.
> Even if a device isn't malicious, if it is buggy, broken, or
> malfunctioning in some way then it can present input that a normal
> device would never generate. If the driver isn't prepared to handle
> this unusual input, it may crash. That is specifically what we want to
> avoid.
> So if a peculiar emulated device created by syzbot is capable of
> crashing the driver, then somewhere there is a bug which needs to be
> fixed. It's true that fixing all these bugs might not protect against a
> malicious device which deliberately behaves in an apparently reasonable
> manner. But it does reduce the attack surface.

Thanks for your response.
I will add some checks.

Best Regards,

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