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SubjectRe: [PATCH iproute2-next v2] lib/fs: fix issue when {name,open}_to_handle_at() is not implemented
On 4/30/21 12:26 AM, Heiko Thiery wrote:
> With commit d5e6ee0dac64b64e the usage of functions name_to_handle_at() and

that is a change to ss:

d5e6ee0dac64 ss: introduce cgroup2 cache and helper functions

> open_by_handle_at() are introduced. But these function are not available
> e.g. in uclibc-ng < 1.0.35. To have a backward compatibility check for the
> availability in the configure script and in case of absence do a direct
> syscall.

When you find the proper commit add a Fixes line before the Signed-off-by:

Fixes: <id> ("subject line")
> Signed-off-by: Heiko Thiery <>
> ---

make sure you cc the author of the original commit.

> v2:
> - small correction to subject
> - removed IP_CONFIG_HANDLE_AT:=y option since it is not required
> - fix indentation in check function
> - removed empty lines (thanks to Petr Vorel)
> - add #define _GNU_SOURCE in check (thanks to Petr Vorel)
> - check only for name_to_handle_at (thanks to Peter Vorel)

you have 3 responses to this commit. Please send an updated patch with
all the changes and the the above comments addressed.


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