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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/13] [RFC] Rust support

Mariusz Ceier <> writes:

> Rust compiler license doesn't require for people to give back to
> the
> community - corporation can create their own version of rust
> compiler
> adding some proprietary extensions, develop drivers with it and
> even
> if the drivers code will be GPL'd they won't be buildable by
> anyone
> but that corporation. The rust compiler license doesn't require
> sharing changes when you modify it. The similar problem has flex
> and
> openssl required to build the kernel, but so far no one thought
> about
> abusing them afaik.

Could you explain exactly what the issue you see there is?
Surely if someone develops a proprietary compiler and then writes
drivers that use that compiler, nobody else will be able to build
Because of that, none of the maintainers will be able to run or
the code and it'll never actually get merged into the kernel.
Surely they'd effectively be sabotaging themselves.

Kind regards,

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