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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/4] clk: ti: add am33xx spread spectrum clock support
* Stephen Boyd <> [210330 02:25]:
> Quoting Dario Binacchi (2021-03-29 09:42:17)
> >
> > As reported by the TI spruh73x RM, MPU and LCD modules support spread
> > spectrum clocking (SSC) on their output clocks. SSC is used to spread
> > the spectral peaking of the clock to reduce any electromagnetic
> > interference (EMI) that may be caused due to the clock’s fundamental
> > or any of its harmonics.
> > The series allows you to enable and adjust the spread spectrum clocking
> > for all am33xx PLLs for which it is supported.
> >
> What is your merge strategy? Should all the patches go through clk tree?
> Or you'll send via arm-soc?

Probably best to just merge all via the clk tree as that's where most of
the changes are.



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