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Subject[PATCH v2 00/18] crypto: dh - infrastructure for NVM in-band auth and FIPS conformance
Hi all,

first of all, to the people primarily interested in security/keys/, there's
a rather trivial change to security/keys/dh.c in patch 2/18. It would be
great to get ACKs for that...

This is v2, v1 can be found at

For a list of changes, see below.

Quote from v1's cover letter:
Hannes' recent work on NVME in-band authentication ([1]) needs access to
the RFC 7919 DH group parameters and also some means to generate ephemeral
keys. He currently implements both as part of his patchset (patches 3/12
and 8/12). After some internal discussion, we decided to split off the bits
needed from crypto/dh into a separate series, i.e. this one here:
- for the RFC 7919 DH group parameters, it's undesirable from a
performance POV to serialize the well-known domain parameters via
crypto_dh_encode_key() just to deserialize them shortly after again,
- from an architectural POV, it would be preferrable to have the key
generation code in crypto/dh.c rather than in drivers/nvme/,
just in analogy to how key generation is supported by crypto/ecdh.c

Patches 1-13/18 implement all that is needed for the NVME in-band
authentication support.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of HW, I have not been able to test
the changes to the QAT or HPRE drivers (other than mere compile tests).
Yet I figured it would be a good idea to have them behave consistently with
dh_generic, and so I chose to introduce support for privkey generation to
these as well.

By coincidence, NIST SP800-56Arev3 compliance effectively requires that
the domain parameters are checked against an approved set, which happens
to consists of those safe-prime group parameters specified in RFC 7919,
among others. Thus, introducing the RFC 7919 parameters to the kernel
allows for making the DH implementation to conform to SP800-56Arev3 with
only little effort. I used the opportunity to work crypto/dh towards
SP800-56Arev3 conformance with the rest of this patch series, i.e.
patches 14-18/18. I can split these into another series on its own, if you
like. But as they depend on the earlier patches 1-13/18, I sent them
alongside for now.

This patchset has been tested with and without fips_enabled on x86_64,
ppc64le and s390x, the latter being big endian.

Changes v1 -> v2:
- Throughout the patchset:
- Upcase enum group_id members and strip superfluous _RFCXYZ_ parts from
the names.
- Carry Hannes' Reviewed-bys from v1 over for those patches which
have not changed (except for that group_id member renaming)
- [03/18] ("crypto: dh - optimize domain parameter serialization for
well-known groups"):
- For better portability, don't serialize/deserialize directly from/to
an enum group_id, but use an intermediate int for that.
- [05/18] ("crypto: testmgr - add DH RFC 7919 ffdhe2048 test vector")
- Use ffdhe3072 TVs rather than ones for ffdhe2048. Requested by Hannes,
because "the NVMe spec mandates for its TLS profile the ffdhe3072
- [13/18] ("crypto: testmgr - add DH test vectors for key generation")
- Use ffdhe3072 in place of ffdhe2048 here as well.
- Rather than introducing completely new keypairs, reuse the ones
from the known answer test introduced previously in this patchset.




Nicolai Stange (18):
crypto: dh - remove struct dh's ->q member
crypto: dh - constify struct dh's pointer members
crypto: dh - optimize domain parameter serialization for well-known
crypto: dh - introduce RFC 7919 safe-prime groups
crypto: testmgr - add DH RFC 7919 ffdhe3072 test vector
crypto: dh - introduce RFC 3526 safe-prime groups
crypto: testmgr - add DH RFC 3526 modp2048 test vector
crypto: testmgr - run only subset of DH vectors based on config
crypto: dh - implement private key generation primitive
crypto: dh - introduce support for ephemeral key generation to
crypto: dh - introduce support for ephemeral key generation to hpre
crypto: dh - introduce support for ephemeral key generation to qat
crypto: testmgr - add DH test vectors for key generation
lib/mpi: export mpi_rshift
crypto: dh - store group id in dh-generic's dh_ctx
crypto: dh - calculate Q from P for the full public key verification
crypto: dh - try to match domain parameters to a known safe-prime
crypto: dh - accept only approved safe-prime groups in FIPS mode

crypto/Kconfig | 20 +-
crypto/dh.c | 73 +-
crypto/dh_helper.c | 691 +++++++++++++++++-
crypto/testmgr.h | 388 +++++++++-
drivers/crypto/hisilicon/hpre/hpre_crypto.c | 11 +
drivers/crypto/qat/qat_common/qat_asym_algs.c | 9 +
include/crypto/dh.h | 52 +-
lib/mpi/mpi-bit.c | 1 +
security/keys/dh.c | 2 +-
9 files changed, 1189 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-)


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