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SubjectRe: [syzbot] INFO: task hung in io_uring_cancel_generic (2)
On Wed, Dec 08, 2021 at 02:12:09PM -0800, syzbot wrote:
> syzbot has bisected this issue to:
> commit 741ec653ab58f5f263f2b6df38157997661c7a50
> Author: Qu Wenruo <>
> Date: Mon Sep 27 07:22:01 2021 +0000
> btrfs: subpage: make end_compressed_bio_writeback() compatible

This isn't the right patch, this is x86 so sectorsize == pagesize, so this patch
didn't change anything at all. Also unless the local fs is btrfs with
compression enabled I'm not entirely sure how this would even matter, the
reproducer seems to be purely io_uring related. Thanks,


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