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My Dear,

Please accept my confession and remember if i don't, you have already lose it !

I 'm The-lotto Australia prize claim agent, at the time past an
official e-mail prize win-notification letter was sent to your e-mail
from The-lotto board saying that your email has won a prize, it’s true
but you ignored it, maybe you thought is unofficial, your email won
the sum of 1.750.000.00US$ bonus from Horse race that paid the real
winner $USD 11.750Million, competition held in Burkina Faso.

During the race, e-mails was randomly selected to attach to
first,second and third winners to receive their prize bonus to promote
companies, your e-mail came out first .

Normally ; you suppose to file for your claims but after long
waiting,and noticed you are not forthcoming I contacted someone who
stand and claim the prize as your next of kin and was paid the sum of
US$250.000.00 for his job, the remaining money i share 50%/50% with
you, and for your own share,i request the Banker to put the amount of
750.000.00 US$ cash into a box and give to (UN) Covid-19 vaccine
distributing agent to bring to you in your country as family treasure
which the banker has done waiting for you to send him your
Address………………………Phone…………………and Identity Card copy .....which the
agent will use to identify you on his arrival to your country.

I will be on my to Australia today.

Contact the banker Musa Iddris once you receive this letter , his
e-mail is :

Drop me a note here once you receive.

The-Lotto Agent
Dr Lea Gordon John
Reply at :
Australia Tel +61 20 3944 8339.

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