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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/5] arm64: imx8mm: Enable Hantro VPUs
Hi Adam,

> I will post a V2 last today with the Mini's post-processing removed.
> Someone, I apologize that I forget who, mentioned it was fused out of
> the Mini, so the testing I've been doing was with that removed and I
> removed the H1 encoder since the Mini doesn't support JPEG encoding.

Resurrecting this thread here. IMX8MMRM Rev. 0, 02/2019 mentions
post-processor features for G1 and G2.

Have you checked the fuse and synth registers to see if they throw
any useful information about the hardware? For instance,
comparing PP fuse register (SWREG99) and
Synthesis configuration register post-processor (SWREG100)
in both 8MQ and 8MM could be useful.

As I mentioned on my previous mail, even if G1 PP is disabled
on the Mini, I would imagine the G2 can do linear NV12 (aka raster-scan)
which in our hantro driver jargon is a "post-processed" format :-)


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