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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 8/9] atomic,x86: Alternative atomic_*_overflow() scheme
Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
> That said - it may not matter - I'm not sure a plain "dec" is even a
> valid operation on a ref in the first place. How could you ever
> validly decrement a ref without checking for it being the last entry?

There are actual spots in the network stack where we know we're
holding multiple reference counts to a given object and in those
cases an unconditional "dec" could make sense. For example, we may
have an object that we obtained from a hash lookup, giving us a
reference count, which we then try to remove from a linked list,
also containing a referencnce count to it. While still holding
the referencnce count from the hash lookup, the linked list
referencnce count could be dropped with a plain "dec".

Of course we might be better off redesigning things to eliminate
reference counts completely but such code does still exist.

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