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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 3/7] Documentation: KUnit: Added KUnit Architecture
Marco Elver <> writes:

> In response to the other email: Adding binary blobs just creates
> problems, for comparing different versions, and general bloating the
> whole repo, where better alternatives exist.
> I suppose an ASCII diagram is a bit primitive. :-)
> However, SVG files on the other hand are not binary blobs, they are
> text-markup based (XML), and e.g. diffing them often provides useful
> information about what changed. SVG also has the benefit of being
> vector graphics, and not being limited to one resolution.
> Looking at the diagram you added, I think this can easily be turned
> into vector graphics, and most likely will not use up 24KiB as a
> result.

I agree with all of this; we shouldn't be adding binary images to the
docs, and we've decided at other times that SVG is generally the best
compromise there.

Thanks, Marco, for pointing this out and producing an alternative.

Once this is all settled, do you want it to go through the docs tree?


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