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Subject[PATCH v4 0/2] Driver for Open Profile for DICE
Open Profile for DICE is an open protocol for measured boot compatible
with the Trusted Computing Group's Device Identifier Composition
Engine (DICE) specification. The generated Compound Device Identifier
(CDI) certificates represent the measured hardware/software combination
and can be used by userspace for remote attestation and sealing.

This patchset adds DeviceTree bindings for the DICE device referencing
a reserved memory region containing the CDIs, and a driver that exposes
the memory region to userspace via a misc device.

See for more details.

The patches are based on top of v5.16-rc5 and can also be found here: topic/dice_v4

Changes since v3:
* align with semantics of read/write
* fix kerneldoc warnings
* fix printf format warnings

Changes since v2:
* renamed from 'dice' to 'open-dice'
* replaced ioctls with read/write
* replaced memzero_explicit with memset
* allowed multiple instances
* expanded Kconfig description

Changes since v1:
* converted to miscdevice
* all mappings now write-combine to simplify semantics
* removed atomic state, any attempt at exclusive access
* simplified wipe, applied on ioctl, not on release
* fixed ioctl return value

David Brazdil (2):
dt-bindings: firmware: Add Open Profile for DICE
misc: open-dice: Add driver to expose DICE data to userspace

.../bindings/firmware/google,open-dice.yaml | 51 +++++
drivers/misc/Kconfig | 12 ++
drivers/misc/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/misc/open-dice.c | 197 ++++++++++++++++++
4 files changed, 261 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/firmware/google,open-dice.yaml
create mode 100644 drivers/misc/open-dice.c


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