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SubjectRe: [PATCH v14, 00/19] Support multi hardware decode using of_platform_populate
Il 15/12/21 07:15, Yunfei Dong ha scritto:
> This series adds support for multi hardware decode into mtk-vcodec, by first adding use
> of_platform_populate to manage each hardware information: interrupt, clock, register
> bases and power. Secondly add core work queue to deal with core hardware message,
> at the same time, add msg queue for different hardware share messages. Lastly, the
> architecture of different specs are not the same, using specs type to separate them.
> This series has been tested with both MT8183 and MT8173. Decoding was working for both chips.
> Patches 1~3 rewrite get register bases and power on/off interface.
> Patches 4 export decoder pm interfaces.
> Patches 5 add to support 8192.
> Patch 6 support multi hardware.
> Patch 7 separate video encoder and decoder document
> Patch 8-17 add interfaces to support core hardware.
> Patch 18-19 remove mtk_vcodec_release_dec/enc_pm interfaces.

Hello Yunfei,
this series does not apply cleanly on the current linux-next tree.

Can you please rebase?

- Angelo

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