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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/60] drm: Make all drivers to honour the nomodeset parameter
Hello Thomas,

On 12/15/21 10:12, Thomas Zimmermann wrote:


>> In each of the USB-based DRM drivers, replace module_usb_driver with
>> drm_module_usb_driver.
>> And then there's PCI [3] and platform drivers, [4] which can be handled
>> similarly. Many PCI drivers open-code the module init and device
>> registering with the driver-specific enable parameter. Maybe adding a
>> driver-specific register function would make sense.
> Just want to point out that the next time we add a new driver, it will
> call drm_firmware_drivers_only() automatically if it uses such a macro.

Yes, and it could also be used as an extension point in case we need more
logic like the drm_firmware_drivers_only() check for all drivers in the
future. So your suggestion is certainly the way to go.

I'll post a v2 when I get some time to work on this again.

Best regards,
Javier Martinez Canillas
Linux Engineering
Red Hat

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