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SubjectRe: linux-next: manual merge of the audit tree with the powerpc tree

Le 27/10/2021 à 16:18, Paul Moore a écrit :
> On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 7:41 AM Christophe Leroy
> <> wrote:
>> Le 27/10/2021 à 13:29, Michael Ellerman a écrit :
>>> Paul Moore <> writes:
>>>> On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 6:55 AM Michael Ellerman <> wrote:
>>>>> Stephen Rothwell <> writes:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> Today's linux-next merge of the audit tree got conflicts in:
>>>>>> arch/powerpc/kernel/audit.c
>>>>>> arch/powerpc/kernel/compat_audit.c
>>>>>> between commit:
>>>>>> 566af8cda399 ("powerpc/audit: Convert powerpc to AUDIT_ARCH_COMPAT_GENERIC")
>>>>>> from the powerpc tree and commits:
>>>>>> 42f355ef59a2 ("audit: replace magic audit syscall class numbers with macros")
>>>>>> 1c30e3af8a79 ("audit: add support for the openat2 syscall")
>>>>>> from the audit tree.
>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> I guess this is OK, unless the audit folks disagree. I could revert the
>>>>> powerpc commit and try it again later.
>>>>> If I don't hear anything I'll leave it as-is.
>>>> Hi Michael,
>>>> Last I recall from the powerpc/audit thread there were still some
>>>> issues with audit working properly in your testing, has that been
>>>> resolved?
>>> No.
>>> There's one test failure both before and after the conversion to use the
>>> generic code.
>>>> If nothing else, -rc7 seems a bit late for this to hit -next for me to
>>>> feel comfortable about this.
>>> OK. I'll revert the patch in my tree.
>> But it's been in the pipe since end of August and no one reported any
>> issue other issue than the pre-existing one, so what's the new issue
>> that prevents us to merge it two monthes later, and how do we walk
>> forward then ?
> We work to resolve the test failure, it's that simple. I haven't seen
> the failure so I haven't been much help to do any sort of root cause
> digging on the problem, it would be helpful if those who are seeing
> the problem could dig into the failure and report back on what they
> find. That is what has been missing and why I never ACK'd or merged
> the powerpc audit code.

Hello Paul,

I've been trying to setup your test suite on my powerpc board but it's
based on Perl and on a lot of optional Perl packages. I was able to add
them one by one until some of them require some .so libraries
(Pathtools-Cwd), and it seems nothing is made to allow cross building
those libraries.

Do you have another test suite based on C and not perl ?

If not, what can I do, do you know how I can cross compile those Perl
packages for PPC32 ?

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