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SubjectRe: + mm-fix-panic-in-__alloc_pages.patch added to -mm tree
On 09.11.21 09:37, Michal Hocko wrote:
> I have opposed this patch
> There was no response to that feedback. I will not go as far as to nack
> it explicitly because pcp allocator is not an area I would nack patches
> but seriously, this issue needs a deeper look rather than a paper over
> patch. I hope we do not want to do a similar thing to all callers of
> cpu_to_mem.

While we could move it into the !HOLES version of cpu_to_mem(), calling
cpu_to_mem() on an offline (and eventually not even present) CPU (with
an offline node) is really a corner case.

Instead of additional runtime overhead for all cpu_to_mem(), my take
would be to just do it for the random special cases. Sure, we can
document that people should be careful when calling cpu_to_mem() on
offline CPUs. But IMHO it's really a corner case.


David / dhildenb

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