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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/3] media: staging: tegra-vde: Support reference picture marking
18.11.2021 09:14, Dan Carpenter пишет:
> It's not hard to run Smatch yourself...
> Depending on if you're on a apt distro or yum distro then fetch the
> dependencies with one of the follow commands:
> apt-get install gcc make sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libdbd-sqlite3-perl libssl-dev libtry-tiny-perl
> yum install gcc make sqlite3 sqlite-devel sqlite perl-DBD-SQLite openssl-devel perl-Try-Tiny
> git clone
> cd smatch
> make
> cd ~/kernel_source/
> ~/smatch/smatch_scripts/kchecker drivers/subsystem/

Thanks, I was running Smatch couple times in the past. Finding how to
run Smatch isn't the problem, the thing is that Smatch either isn't
packaged by distros or packaged version is outdated, hence there is a
need to maintain it by yourself.

Also, is it guaranteed that Smatch will always work properly with

I imagine more developers could start to engage in using Smatch if
kernel supported 'make smatch' command which would automate the process
of fetching, building and running Smatch.

Couldn't the "kernel" version of Smatch reside in the kernel's tools/?
Or maybe just the parts of Smatch that are necessary for kernel
checking, like kernel's DB/scripts and etc. Doesn't it make sense?

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