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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/20] power-suppy/i2c/extcon: Fix charger setup on Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Lenovo Yogabook
On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 7:03 PM Hans de Goede <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is version 2 of my series previously titled:
> "[PATCH 00/13] power-suppy/i2c/extcon: Add support for cht-wc PMIC
> without USB-PD support".
> So far almost all the kernel code surrounding the Cherry Trail Whiskey Cove
> PMIC has been developed on the GPD win / pocket devices and it has various
> assumption based on that. In the mean time I've learned (and gotten access
> to) about 2 more designs and none of the 3 now known designs use a single
> standard setup for the charger, fuel-gauge and other chips surrounding the
> PMIC / charging+data USB port:
> 1. The GPD Win and GPD Pocket mini-laptops, these are really 2 models
> but the Pocket re-uses the GPD Win's design in a different housing:
> The WC PMIC is connected to a TI BQ24292i charger, paired with
> a Maxim MAX17047 fuelgauge + a FUSB302 USB Type-C Controller +
> a PI3USB30532 USB switch, for a fully functional Type-C port.
> 2. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2:
> The WC PMIC is connected to a TI BQ25890 charger, paired with
> a TI BQ27520 fuelgauge, using the TI BQ25890 for BC1.2 charger type
> detection, for a USB-2 only Type-C port without PD.
> 3. The Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X90 / Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X91 series:
> The WC PMIC is connected to a TI BQ25892 charger, paired with
> a TI BQ27542 fuelgauge, using the WC PMIC for BC1.2 charger type
> detection and using the BQ25892's Mediatek Pump Express+ (1.0)
> ###
> Unlike what is normal on X86 this diversity in designs is not handled /
> abstracted away by the ACPI tables.

I will briefly look into it, right now two observations (or nit-picks):
- you may utilize Co-developed-by tag when it makes sense
- I would rather see "x86/ACPI" in all texts (note small "x")

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko

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