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SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/17] media: atomisp: pci: do not use err var when checking port validity for ISP2400
Sorry for a little late reply. This is hard to explain...

On Mon, 2021-11-01 at 14:10 +0000, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> Em Mon, 01 Nov 2021 22:38:55 +0900
> Tsuchiya Yuto <> escreveu:


> > This is not directly related to this series, but how we should reduce
> > the ifdef usage in the future? Here are my two ideas:
> >
> > 1. (my initial idea) remove `#ifdef ISP2401` part and make ISP2401
> > part completely irci_stable_candrpv_0415_20150521_0458
> >
> > this way does not require (relatively) much human work I think.
> >
> > But as Mauro says, the `#ifdef ISP2401` part (irci_ecr-master_20150911_0724)
> > is basically an improved version.
> No. What I said is that the if (ISP2401) and the remaining ifdefs are because
> of BYT x CHT.

I need to elaborate on this. Indeed some of them are really because of
BYT x CHT, but others are stuff from irci_ecr-master_20150911_0724.

What I meant when I mentioned "remove `#ifdef ISP2401` part" is that,
removing things which was _initially_ inside the `#ifdef ISP2401` on the
initial commit of atomisp.

Also I believe we can remove more `if (IS_ISP2401)` and `/* ISP2401 */`
things as well as the some remaining `#ifdef ISP2401` things.

I added about this below and hope it clarifies things...

> The worse part of them are related to those files
> (See Makefile):
> obj-byt = \
> pci/css_2400_system/hive/ia_css_isp_configs.o \
> pci/css_2400_system/hive/ia_css_isp_params.o \
> pci/css_2400_system/hive/ia_css_isp_states.o \
> obj-cht = \
> pci/css_2401_system/hive/ia_css_isp_configs.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/hive/ia_css_isp_params.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/hive/ia_css_isp_states.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/host/csi_rx.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/host/ibuf_ctrl.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/host/isys_dma.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/host/isys_irq.o \
> pci/css_2401_system/host/isys_stream2mmio.o
> Those define regmaps for 2400 and 2401. I was able to remove a lot
> of things from the old css_2400/css_2401 directories, but the ones
> there at pci/*/css*/ia_css_isp_*.c are a lot more complex, and would
> require some mapping functions to allow the same driver to work with
> both BYT and CHT.
> The better would be to test the driver first at BYT, fix issues (if any) and
> then write the mapping code.
> > So, we may also:
> >
> > 2. continue unifying `#ifdef ISP2401` and `#ifndef ISP2401` parts
> >
> > but this way needs more human work I think though. And if we go this
> > way, I also need to rewrite this patch as mentioned in the commit
> > message.

What the idea #1 want to say is, let's remove things _initially_ within
`ifdef ISP2401` (so, except things which were added inside it later
upstream) including formerly within `ifdef ISP2401` things, i.e.,
`if (IS_ISP2401)` and things commented with `/* ISP2401 */`.

However, I don't say we can remove all the ifdefs like things formerly
which later removed/integrated into `ifdef ISP2401` on some commits [1].
We may temporarily revert those commits when we want to distinguish
between what were formerly within there and what were not.

Such ifdefs were added by them as a real hardware difference. Thus, I
agree that we still need the CONFIG_VIDEO_ATOMISP_ISP2401 stuff to support
both ISP2400/ISP2401 at the same time.

This is what I meant "reduce the ifdef usage" in a previous mail. So,
I'm not talking about if dropping CONFIG_VIDEO_ATOMISP_ISP2401 is doable,
but talking about just how to reduce the code.

[1] 641c2292bf19 ("media: atomisp: get rid of version-dependent globals")
bd674b5a413c ("media: atomisp: cleanup ifdefs from ia_css_debug.c")

Anyway, if you agree or not on what I'm saying, can I send this patch
without code changes in v2, i.e., looks OK for you regarding the code?
I'll remove the commit message about
irci_stable_candrpv_0415_20150521_0458 vs irci_ecr-master_20150911_0724
in v2 anyway, which needs to be discussed further later.

The following notes are about what I have done until now for removing
such tests. (More elaborated version than cover letter). You don't have
to see them, but I hope it might clarify things...

## `ifdef ISP2401` added in the initial commit of atomisp

The `ifdef ISP2401` was the result of merging two different version of
driver, added on the initial commit of upstreamed atomisp. And for the
`ifdef ISP2401`, I confirmed I can remove (almost [1]) all of them against
the initial commit of atomisp [2][3]

[1] here are the three exceptions:
("NOTE: ifdef ISP2400/ISP2401 usage in aero-atomisp")

[2] ("atomisp: pci: css2400: remove ISP2401 ifdefs")
[3] ("atomisp: pci: remove ISP2401 ifdefs for main pci driver")

Here is the kernel tree if someone is interested:

Especially, here is one of the part where this patch is touching
for example:

--- a/drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/atomisp2/css2400/sh_css_mipi.c
+++ b/drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/atomisp2/css2400/sh_css_mipi.c
@@ -416,26 +362,16 @@ allocate_mipi_frames(struct ia_css_pipe *pipe, struct ia_css_stream_info *info)
-#ifndef ISP2401
port = (unsigned int) pipe->stream->config.source.port.port;
assert(port < N_CSI_PORTS);
if (port >= N_CSI_PORTS) {
- if (!ia_css_mipi_is_source_port_valid(pipe, &port)) {
"allocate_mipi_frames(%p) exit: error: port is not correct (port=%d).\n",
pipe, port);

By removing (almost) all of the `#ifdef ISP2401` things, (although we
still can't remove like former USE_INPUT_SYSTEM_VERSION_2,
USE_INPUT_SYSTEM_VERSION_2401) we can reduce the number of ifdefs.

## `ifdef ISP2401`, `if (IS_ISP2401)` and `/* ISP2401 */` in the recent

That is for the initial commit of atomisp. For the recent version of
atomisp, we can still remove `ifdef ISP2401` things (again, except things
which were added inside it later upstream) as well as the former
`ifdef ISP2401` things, i.e., `if (IS_ISP2401)` [1] and things commented
with [2] `/* ISP2401 */`.

[1] ("atomisp: pci: remove IS_ISP2401 test")
[2] ("atomisp: pci: remove `/* ISP2401 */` comments and its contents")
These commits were made against
bd674b5a413c ("media: atomisp: cleanup ifdefs from ia_css_debug.c")
where I randomely picked.

Here is the kernel tree if someone is interested:
I confirmed capture is still working here on surface3 (ISP2401). Compile
tested for ISP2400. As you can see, there are some WIP and FIXME commits
on top of removing such tests though. (The others are backports).

Especially, here is one of the part where this patch is touching
for example:

--- a/drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/sh_css_mipi.c
+++ b/drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/sh_css_mipi.c
@@ -553,10 +548,7 @@ free_mipi_frames(struct ia_css_pipe *pipe) {
return err;

- if (!IS_ISP2401)
- port = (unsigned int)pipe->stream->config.source.port.port;
- else
- err = ia_css_mipi_is_source_port_valid(pipe, &port);
+ port = (unsigned int)pipe->stream->config.source.port.port;

assert(port < N_CSI_PORTS);

So, we can also remove a lot of `if (IS_ISP2401)` and `/* ISP2401 */`
things as well as the remaining `ifdef ISP2401`.

## WIP: removing `ifdef ISP2401`, `if (IS_ISP2401)` and `/* ISP2401 */`
against the latest atomisp
And here is the branch where I'm working on removing such tests against
the latest atomisp:

It'd be the best if I can show you working one, but it currently has
seemingly include issues on ISP2400 vs ISP2401 (as well as many WIP
commits I added):

drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/runtime/isys/src/isys_init.c: In function ‘ia_css_isys_init’:
drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/runtime/isys/src/isys_init.c:29:9: error: unknown type name ‘backend_channel_cfg_t’
29 | backend_channel_cfg_t backend_ch0;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/runtime/isys/src/isys_init.c:30:9: error: unknown type name ‘backend_channel_cfg_t’
30 | backend_channel_cfg_t backend_ch1;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/runtime/isys/src/isys_init.c:31:9: error: unknown type name ‘target_cfg2400_t’
31 | target_cfg2400_t targetB;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
drivers/staging/media/atomisp/pci/runtime/isys/src/isys_init.c:32:9: error: unknown type name ‘target_cfg2400_t’
32 | target_cfg2400_t targetC;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The full output of the make error is here:

("NOTE: issue: some undeclared errors")

Tsuchiya Yuto
> > >

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