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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 10/43] KVM: arm64: Move vGIC v4 handling for WFI out arch callback hook
On 26/10/21 17:41, Marc Zyngier wrote:
>> This needs a word on why kvm_psci_vcpu_suspend does not need the
>> hooks. Or it needs to be changed to also use kvm_vcpu_wfi in the PSCI
>> code, I don't know.
>> Marc, can you review and/or advise?
> I was looking at that over the weekend, and that's a pre-existing
> bug. I would have addressed it independently, but it looks like you
> already have queued the patch.

I have "queued" it, but that's just my queue - it's not on
and it's not going to be in 5.16, at least not in the first batch.

There's plenty of time for me to rebase on top of a fix, if you want to
send the fix through your kvm-arm pull request. Just Cc me so that I
understand what's going on.



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