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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 1/3] dt-bindings: phy: brcm,brcmstb-usb-phy: convert to the json-schema
On 03.01.2021 17:23, Rob Herring wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 06:23:37AM +0100, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
>> From: Rafał Miłecki <>
>> Changes that require mentioning:
>> 1. interrupt-names
>> Name "wakeup" was changed to the "wake". It matches example and what
>> Linux driver looks for in the first place
>> 2. brcm,ipp and brcm,ioc
>> Both were described as booleans with 0 / 1 values. In examples they
>> were integers and Linux driver checks for int as well.
>> I made both uint32 but that probably should be refactored later.
> Why? You're stuck with that now.

"Why?" refactor later? I thought it makes more sense for boolean-like
settings to use boolean type. Just a slightly cleaner approach.

If we care to, I believe I can do that without breaking backward
compatibility. A simple value length check:
length 1: treat 0 as false, treat 1 as true
length 0: treat property existence as true

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