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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] [CFP] Call for Sessions - Online 2021 Kernel Miniconf
On 30/11/20 1:45 pm, Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> LCA2021 Kernel Miniconf - Online - 2021-01-23
> ---------------------------------------------
> LCA Kernel Miniconf submissions now open! (Ever wanted to present at
> LCA, but couldn't justify flying to Australia? Well, 2021 is your chance
> - we're going online-only for reasons you're probably aware of.)
> Submissions close: 2020-12-18, 23:59 AoE/UTC-12
> Submissions:
> More info:

The deadline has been extended until January 7 - we're looking for talks
on a broad range of kernel topics, so please feel free to submit a
proposal about anything kernel-related!

> ***************************************************************************
> 2021 will be held at the Australian National University,
> Canberra^W^W^W^W^W^Win the comfort of your own homes, by the magic of
> the internet, from 23-25 January 2021.
> The Kernel Miniconf is a single-day miniconf track, held on Saturday 23
> January, about everything related to the kernel and low-level systems
> programming.
> The Kernel Miniconf will focus on a variety of kernel-related topics -
> technical presentations on up-and-coming kernel developments, the future
> direction of the kernel, and kernel development community and process
> matters. Past Kernel Miniconfs have included technical talks on topics
> such as memory management, RCU, scheduling and filesystems, as well as
> talks on Linux kernel community topics such as licensing and Linux
> kernel development process.
> We invite submissions on anything related to kernel and low-level
> systems programming. We welcome submissions from developers of all
> levels of experience in the kernel community, covering a broad range of
> topics. The focus of the miniconf will primarily be on Linux, however
> non-Linux talks of sufficient interest to a primarily Linux audience
> will be considered.

Andrew Donnellan OzLabs, ADL Canberra IBM Australia Limited

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