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SubjectRe: [PATCH] genirq/msi: Make sure early activation of all PCI MSIs
Hi Shameer,

On 2021-01-22 09:21, Shameerali Kolothum Thodi wrote:
> Hi Marc,


>> I find this pretty complicated, and the I'd like to avoid injecting
>> the PCI
>> MSI-vs-MSI-X concept in something that is supposed to be bus-agnostic.
> Agree. That’s mainly because I was very skeptical(TBH, very limited in
> my knowledge
> on this msi core code) about changing the MSI-X activation logic here
> and just thought
> of limiting the impact to MSI case as a first attempt.
>> What's wrong with the following (untested) patch, which looks much
>> simpler?
> Yes, had tried this as one of the early fix, but as said above was not
> very sure of
> the impact on other platforms. Tested this again and it works.
> Please send it.

Actually, there is a better way, which is to have a proper iterator on
vectors instead of descriptors. With that and a bit of cleanup, the
patch[1] looks pretty neat.

Please give it a go.



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