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SubjectRe: [PATCH] MAINTAINERS: adjust to removal
In networking then they want you to say which tree it applies to, but
it's not as simple as saying "net" vs "net-next". If it's a bugfix then
you should write that against "net" but if it's a clean up or a fix to a
recent change then it should be written against "net-next".

Also linux-next is not necessarily the same thing as net-next.
Networking patches should be written against either net or net-next, not

BPF tried to implement similar rules to they're not big enough to impose
their own rules. It's quite a big headache to try to figure out which
tree to use if you're like me and have no clue about bpf.

Anyway, the point of the net vs net-next is that devs are supposed to
figure out the exact tree and they're supposed to only write net-next if
it doesn't apply to net.

It's not clear to me the value of putting linux-next in the subject.
Doesn't everyone develop against the latest devel tree? Certainly I
can't imagine any maintainers doing extra work to try figure out the
date of the linux-next release. Surely, they just say "Doesn't apply to
foo-tree. Resend if necessary." That's the fastest and easiest
response when patches don't apply.

dan carpente

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