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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/8] arm64: Relocate absolute hyp VAs
On Tue, 5 Jan 2021 18:05:33 +0000, David Brazdil wrote:
> nVHE hyp code is linked into the same kernel binary but executes under
> different memory mappings. If the compiler of hyp code chooses absolute
> addressing for accessing a symbol, the kernel linker will relocate that
> address to a kernel image virtual address, causing a runtime exception.
> So far the strategy has been to force PC-relative addressing by wrapping
> all symbol references with the hyp_symbol_addr macro. This is error
> prone and developer unfriendly.
> [...]

Applied to kvm-arm64/hyp-reloc, thanks!

[1/8] KVM: arm64: Rename .idmap.text in hyp linker script
commit: eceaf38f521982bad6dbac1c02becdd80fd6af7c
[2/8] KVM: arm64: Set up .hyp.rodata ELF section
commit: 16174eea2e4fe8247e04c17da682f2034fec0369
[3/8] KVM: arm64: Add symbol at the beginning of each hyp section
commit: f7a4825d9569593b9a81f0768313b86175691ef1
[4/8] KVM: arm64: Generate hyp relocation data
commit: 8c49b5d43d4c45ca0bb0d1faa23feef2e76e89fa
[5/8] KVM: arm64: Apply hyp relocations at runtime
commit: 6ec6259d7084ed32e164c9f7b69049464dd90fa5
[6/8] KVM: arm64: Fix constant-pool users in hyp
commit: 97cbd2fc0257c6af7036a9a6415ca8ad43535d6b
[7/8] KVM: arm64: Remove patching of fn pointers in hyp
commit: 537db4af26e3f2e0f304f2032bc593f7e2a54938
[8/8] KVM: arm64: Remove hyp_symbol_addr
commit: 247bc166e6b3b1e4068f120f55582a3aa210cc2d


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