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SubjectRe: [PATCHv6 0/4] n_gsm serdev support and protocol driver for droid4 modem

> > I'm afraid I'll need some more answers in near future, but for now:
> >
> > Tony, do you remember / can you figure out what gsmtty GPS is on? I
> > never used it on that interface, and I can't seem to figure it out.
> >
> > My notes say:
> >
> > /dev/motmdm1 -- basic support, calls, on/off
> > /dev/motmdm3 -- send sms interface
> > /dev/motmdm9 -- receive sms interface
> >
> > (and gsmtty numbering is same)
> Yes I have not had a chance to look at these for several months now,
> but have the latest set in droid4-pending-v5.10 branch in my github
> tree.
> The gnss device is at /dev/gsmtty6, see the current droid4-agps tool
> to upload the almanac also on github. That's has turned out to be a
> pretty good gsm serdev test too :)

Treason uncloaked!

While A-GPS is at gsmtty6 I guess, NMEA data are on gsmtty4. And I
could not access that one, due to bitmask reserving it for gnss.

But now I have figured it out, and should have something reviewable

Thanks for support,

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