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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] proc_sysctl: fix oops caused by incorrect command parameters.
On 2021/1/12 19:42, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> On 1/12/21 8:24 AM, Michal Hocko wrote:
>>>>> If we're going to do a separate "patch: make process_sysctl_arg()
>>>>> return an errno instead of 0" then fine, we can discuss that. But it's
>>>>> conceptually a different work from fixing this situation.
>>>>> .
>>>> However, are the logs generated by process_sysctl_arg() clearer and more
>>>> accurate than parse_args()? Should the logs generated by
>>>> process_sysctl_arg() be deleted?
>>> I think the individual logs are very useful and should be retained.
>> Yes, other sysfs specific error messages are likely useful. I just fail
>> to see why a missing value should be handled here when there is an
>> existing handling in the caller. Not sure whether a complete shadow
>> reporting in process_sysctl_arg is a deliberate decision or not.
>> Vlastimil?
> Yes, it's a way to have more useful sysctl-specific reports than the generic
> ones. And I think I was inspired by some other existing code, but don't remember
> exactly. The options are:
> 1) the current sysctl-specific reports, return 0 as the values are only consumed
> 2) be silent and return error, invent new error codes to have generic report be
> more useful for sysctl, but inevitably lose some nuances anyway
> 3) a mix where 2) is used for situations where generic report is sufficient
> enough, 1) where not
> Patch v2 went with option 1), v3 with option 3). I think it's down to
> preferences. I would personally go with v2 and message similar to the existing
> ones, i.e.:
> "Failed to set sysctl parameter '%s': no value given\n"
> Also we seem to be silently doing nothing when strlen(val) == 0, i.e.
> "hung_task_panic=" was passed. Worth reporting the same error.
> But v3 is fine with me as well. The generic error message works. We could just
> add "if (!len) return -EINVAL" below the strlen() call.
> Also please Cc: stable.
>> Anyway one way or the other, all I care about is to have a reporting in
>> place because this shouldn't be a silent failure.

The current v2 is already in the linux-next branch and throws a new

This bug has been mentioned in the previous discussion and has been
fixed in the current v3 patch.

What am I supposed to do now?
- Resend V3?
- Rewrite a new fix patch based on the current code of linux-next.
- Develop a new V4 patch: Use V2 to discuss how to use the Patch4

Xiaoming Ni

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