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SubjectRE: [PATCH] dt-bindings: mips: lantiq: Document Lantiq Xway EBU bindings
(again, sorry for seeing this patch late)

> +properties:
> + compatible:
> + items:
> + - enum:
> + - lantiq,ebu-xway
I think this compatible string is very generic and with that comes some
There is actually two different versions of this IP: one which has
support for controlling the interrupt of the PCI controller on some
SoCs (Danube, xRX100, xRX200). Other SoC variants (Falcon, Amazon-SE)
don't have that interrupt-controller as they don't have PCI support.

Also there is at least one clock input. I *assume* we need to describe
it but I am not sure (as this platform doesn't use the common clock
framework yet).

My version of this can be found here [0]. It's still sitting in my
tree because it has a dependency on an ICU patch in my tree which I
could not make work properly yet.

Best regards,


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